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About us

Rob and Kristine, married 28 years

We know firsthand, life together can get distracted, routine, and sometimes - dare we say it - even stale.


Just like you, we find ourselves responding to the demands of life with less and less time to connect. And, when we do, we often don't know where to begin since work or the kids is always at the front of our minds. 

So, during a particularly dry time, we decided to create a set of cards that would spur our conversations in a different direction. Some of the questions to spark fun and lighthearted chitchat, others to dig a little deeper and dream, and some for intimate questions we often left unasked.


We never imagined others using them. It just seemed like a good idea for us.

Well, we told our friends about our "new cards" and they all wanted a set for themselves! Before we knew it they had told their friends, who told their friends, and they all wanted a set, too - including sets to give to other couples as gifts.


We've been running to keep up ever since and we'd love to get a set of cards in your hands - and the hands of the couples that mean the most to you.

We're always rediscovering why we fell in love in the first place and want the same for you! It really can be as easy as asking a good question and listening well. 

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